Mini Computers

When we have limited space available, but we want to have a desktop computer working with a large display other than a laptop, then you may need a mini computer. A mini computer have lower power consumption which not only save money but also reduce cooling requirements. Many mini computer are so small that you can mout them to the back of a monitor or a TV to create your own all-in-one computer or a media center. For some palm-sized mini computer, you can slip a mini computer into a coat pocket on your way out the door, this is very useful for the people need their data move with them often.

But how to choose a mini computer ideal for you also depends on what you need the computer to do. So it’s related to the operating systems that the mini computers support.


If you get used to Windows to handle office jobs and want to play most of the games in the market, you need to buy a mini computer installed with a Windows XP/7/8.  >>>Read more

Windows mini computer


Apple Mac

For the people who’s an Apple fan and like to use iWork, iTunes and other Mac APPs, they would like to buy a Mac Mini.  >>>Read more



Chrome OS (ChromeBox)

The Chromebox can’t run traditional programs like Photoshop, Microsoft Office, iTunes, Quicken, or Minecraft. With the Chrome OS and google drive, The ChromeBox is intended exclusively for doing things online. Usually what you can do with a Chrombox  is to check emails, build spreadsheets, watch movies on Netflix, chat to friends on Facebook, share photos on Instagram, stream music on Pandora, surf the internet and so on. Chromebox computers are cheap, fast, easy to use and secure. >>>Read more




Usually a computer in Windows can also be installed a Linux system. But now there are some credit-card sized circuit boards that are really mini computers with Linux OS.

Raspberry Pi is now the very popular but cheap mini compter connected to a display with a keyboard and a mouse plugged in. It can do many jobs that your desktop PC does like playing HD movies, word-processing and some low-end games. Raspberry Pi can also be used for programming eduction and electronics projects.  >>>Read more

Linux mini computer - Raspberry Pi

Matrix ARM mini computer is similar with Raspberry Pi, but it’s more much powerful with a quad core ARM Cortex-A9 processor and 2GB ram comparing with Raspberry Pi B plus’ 700MHz and 512m ram. It can work with Linux Ubuntu and Android 4.2.2. Of coures it’s also much more expensive than Raspberry Pi.  >>>Read more

Linux mini computer - Martix ARM mini pc



It’s not a new idea that Android is as a PC operating system. Just imagine that your smartphone in Android system has a hdmi port connected to a TV. You would know what a android mini computer can do. Yes, it usually works as a media center at home to play HD movies, games, surf web, conduct a video chat by installing Skype, Google+ Hangouts or even OoVoo and a Android-compatible webcam on top of your TV and you’re ready to make a video call on the big screen.  Also, an Android mini computer usually looks like a big size U disk. >>>Read more

Android mini computer